The party rocks when Gaston talks
This boy just grew up compering. No Kidding. Afterall, his skill to give your special the ultra- electric vibe is unmatched. He seems to be one face seen at almost every other wedding, sangeet, christening, communion, jubilees and if that does not suffice, at your corporate events too. But well, you are still not fed up and rather want an encore. Who doesn’t like to attend a party right since the first minute to the sign off. No better name than Gaston to make it happen.

Be it a company event, or a personal celebration, be it an enthusiastic, excited guest list or a nervous ambience given the scale of the event, Gaston, holds the key to a new high during the event. And yes, every occasion is unique, and of course, better than the previous one you witnessed.

That’s why - NO- you wouldn't be wrong to call him the KING of ceremonies. Afterall, 'Master' would be an understatement.